Bedmaster Dairy Inc. invents and builds bedding equipment for large dairies in dairy belt of Idaho. Their branding and communications work got a facelift as they sought to expand into new markets in the US. Click for more details on the identity, print work and web design.


Dairymen use Bedmaster because of its reliablity and durable design.The logo was designed with bold, heavy letters to reflect that construction:


The owner wanted to have an identity that also had a sense of humor and featured the main user of his products: the cow. The cow has been a remarkable success on promotional items, modeled after the Ferrari mustang pose.


Photos of the machines were taken at sunset in a hay field (one of the products used to bed corrals). Lighting and sky were adjusted to create a dramatic effect for the informational brochures.


To communicate technical information and functionality, each machine was line drawn and features were highlighted. Model numbers were also introduced to allow ordering easier for customers, showing them the full range of options for each product.